The Clever Promotions app also comes with the functionality to cater for Promotion Codes. These are codes that you can generate in advance which can be provided to Customers so that when claimed and entered onto a sales order, will be applied as a promotion. These are used on Promotion cards with some additional setup to specify the criteria and confirm when these are applicable.

Opening up the "Promotion Code Groups" page will show a list view of any that already exist. Create a new one and populate the Code field with a short code defining the purpose of this Promo Code group. Then enter a Description which specifies in more detail what this code is offering to differentiate it from any others that exist. In the Max No of Uses field, enter a nominal value confirming how many users you will allow per Promotion Code, i.e. in the below example I have Max No of Uses as 1 and 1 has already been used for one of my generated codes. This means that code can only be applied 1 time on a sales order before that code becomes inactive. 

The Code Format field requires some specific data with the use of Symbols to be entered to determine how you want the Promotion Codes to generate. 

  • # represents 0-9
  • \@ represents A-Z
  • ? represents 0-Z (numbers and letters)

Any other characters will be used as they appear in the format e.g.'15-OFF#' will generate codes as per the above example using numbers 0-9. 

To create these codes, in the ribbon, select 'Generate Codes'. 

Here you can define the Number of codes you want the system to create for you as well as the Type which can either be 'Sequential' or 'Random'. You can choose to generate codes multiple times; the sequence will simply follow on from the last created code until it runs out of repeatable codes (i..e if using Code Format '\@' which is A-Z, you only have the ability to create 26 codes within this format as trying to create more will error as you are unable to duplicate an existing code).

As sequential codes could present too predictable a sequence for customers to possibly guess without being given the code, the user may wish to create randomly generated codes. These will still be valid for the same number of uses.