The Non-Conformance FastTab requires some basic default setup that is required for using Non-Conformance. 

The Default Resolution Calculation needs to be populated with a time unit formula such as a Number followed by D (day), W (week) etc. This will be used to calculate the length of time a non conformance should be resolved from the creation date and will be stamped on all Non Conformances in an editable field for the Target resolution date.  

Corrective assignment Type field is a dropdown showing either 'Item Charge' or 'G/L Account'. The option you select here will determine how the Lines are created on any "Corrective Credit Memos" or "Return Orders" that are made from the Non Conformances. 

The Enable Wizard toggle will allow for all Non Conformances to be created via a wizard (similar to assisted setup) if switched 'on'. This is useful for new users unfamiliar with creating Non Conformances as it assists the user in populating the mandatory fields but can be switched off when necessary. Alternatively, creating a Non Conformance directly from the Non Conformance List page won't utilise the Wizard as default, even when switched on.