When sending International Shipments, you may need to define an Export Reason Code to determine the reason that you are importing or exporting the shipment.

We have added functionality which allows you to include this information on a Consignment.  The codes used are user-definable and should be created using the values supplied to you by your Shipping Agent.  A Code and a Description will need to be defined for each one.


Once defined, a Default Export Reason Code can then be defined against the Shipping Agent Card.  This is described in more detail in this section Clever Shipping Agent Integration - Shipping Agent Card

The default value will be automatically used on all International Consignments sent using that Shipping Agent unless a value has been manually entered on the Sales Order document.  In this scenario the code from the Sales Order will be used in preference to the default option.  Please refer to this section for more information Clever Shipping Agent Integration - Consigning Sales Orders