Credit Controllers often have to report on things like overdue invoices, promised payments and a summary of payments by customer for a period of time (today, this week, this month etc.).  The "Collected Summary" report accessed from the search bar can be used for this purpose.

The report shows the following information for a Customer and the fields are calculated based on "Customer Ledger Entries".

  • Sales (LCY)
  • Outstanding
  • Overdue
  • Promised
  • Paid (LCY)
  • Percentage Collected (Paid (LCY)/Sales (LCY))*100

On the reports Request Page, we can set the Reporting Period (the values within this time period) and Customers using standard filtering rules. 

The below shows an example of the detail that is generated. Within each of the value headers, you can drilldown into the figures to open up the "Customer Ledger Entries". 

At the bottom of the page there are 3 total values Fields for the selected period:

  • Sales (LCY)
  • Total Paid (LCY)
  • Overall Percentage Collected

These totals are for all customers shown in the report.