Credit Controllers often have to report an overdue, promises and also a summary of payments by customer and for a period of time (today, this week, this month etc.).  The Collected Summary report can be used for this purpose.

The report shows the following information for a Customer and the fields are calculated based on Customer Ledger Entries.

  • Sales (LCY)
  • Outstanding
  • Overdue
  • Promised
  • Paid (LCY)
  • Percentage Collected (Paid (LCY)/Sales (LCY))*100

On the reports Request Page, we can set Reporting Period and Customer filters.


The below shows an example of the detail that is generated:


At the bottom of the page there are 3 total values Fields for the selected period:

  • Sales (LCY)
  • Paid (LCY)
  • Overall Percentage Collected