Clever Trade Plus has some enhancements around the Sales and Purchase Blanker Order process, to help assist Users and provide a more flexible but automated approach when using these. 

With some simple setup, you can now limit items from being used manually on Sales or Purchase Orders where these items are solely to be used via Blanket Orders, perfect for those Items that should always be drawn down from and never just used ad-hoc on orders! 

How about automatically drawing down Item inventory from your Blanket order when manually adding items onto Purchase Orders? With our new Auto-Consumption feature, you can add an Item line onto a Purchase Order, and if using From and To dates on your Blanket Order, Business Central can automatically link the Order to the original Blanket order, knowing exactly which Order and even Line to draw down stock from. 

Blanket orders have never been easier to use so follow the next articles on how to set these up.