"Quality Orders" can be generated both manually; from the "Role Center" 'New' tile or from the Search bar "Quality Order List". They can also be automatically created by utilising the "Quality Test Automations" to confirm at what point an order is generated, based on the Transaction Type that has been processed. 

If creating from a "Warehouse receipt" or "Warehouse Shipment", the "Quality Order" has to be posted prior to these documents being completed so both the Receipt and the Shipment will display Outstanding Quality Orders, both from the Header and the Factbox. These can be drilled into to access the "Quality Order" in order to complete it and post it prior to the Receipt or Shipment being posted. 


If raising "Quality Orders" from any other Transaction Type, the new "Quality Orders" will be automatically generated and will be available from the "Role Center", initially both in the Open Quality Orders and New tiles. 


Using Job Queues to create Quality Orders

Firstly, ensure Test Automation is setup to show a line for Timed with a specified Quality Test No. The line does not need an Interval Type or Interval Quantity populated as your Job Queue can be set up to handle any scheduling. 

Open the "Job Queue Entries" and create a new "Job Queue Entry Card" where Object Type to Run is 'Report' and the Object ID is '51989'. This will populate the Description as 'Quality Mgt. Job Queue Automation'. In the Ribbon, select 'Reports', select Report Request Page and select the Entry No that is your 'Timed' Entry on the "Quality Test Automation" page. Add in any additional scheduling and Set Status to Ready. When this has ran, you will get a blank "Quality Order" created which will only display the basic information such as No, Time, Date, Quality test No, Team and Status. A User is then required to populate the remaining data to process.