NOTE  - You will need to use the Time Slots Booked Check Status on the associated Route Status List if you want to utilise this functionality.


When planning Drops on a Route some customers or vendors may require pre-booked time slots for delivery or collections. 

For Customers (or Customer Ship-to Address) or vendors (or order address) that always require a booked time slot, then the Time Slot Required field should be enabled against the relevant entity.

The field is available on the following pages:

  • Customer Card
  • Ship-to Address
  • Vendor Card
  • Order Address.


On the Drops List on the Route page the Drop Time Slot field shows the time slot and requirement for booking a time slot.

If this field shows 'Not Booked' as below then a time slot is required but has not yet been booked:

Either click on the field or select the Book Time Slot action to book a time slot.

If the field is blank then a time slot is not required:

It is still possible to book a time slot on this occasion, either click on the field or select the Book Time Slot action to book a time slot.

If a time slot has been booked then it will be shown, as demonstrated in the example below:

This can be modified by either clicking on the field or selecting the Book Time Slot action to book a time slot.

When booking a time slot the following dialog will be displayed:


This shows the contact details to book the time slot. The time slot can be booked by completing the Slot Start Time and Slot End Time fields.

The following additional actions may be useful:

The Call action dials the Phone number, if an application is available to facilitate this.

The Send Email action opens a dialog to send an e-mail to the contact. It is possible to build pre-configured Microsoft Word templates containing fields from the Shipment Management Route, Drop or Entries to be used as the body of the e-mail.

The Delivery Instructions action allows any delivery instructions relating to the drop to be viewed or amended. 

The Address action shows the delivery address (and a map if a mapping integration is enabled). 


Once all delivery slots for drops on a route have been entered, it is possible to use the Optimise Drop Sequence for Time slots action on the ribbon of the Drops List on the Shipment Management Route Card to sequence the drops in order of the delivery time slot.