On the Job Queue Entries page, you will need to set up a new entry for Document Delivery by clicking New on the ribbon

Here you will need to set up the page to look like the one below with the same Object Type and Object ID to Run.

You can customize the Recurrence fast tab, by choosing the days of the week that you want the job queue to run on, and the frequency by which you want them to run by putting a value in the No. of Minutes between Runs which here has been set to 10 minutes.

When completed, click ‘Set Status to Ready’ in the Ribbon to activate the new Job Queue, which will then be visible in your Job Queue Entries page. You will see that the Status Column here has now been updated to ‘Ready’ meaning the Job Queue is ready to use.

Most of the time these will not need checking or changing.

If further documents are submitted to Document Delivery before the next run, they will also show up in the Document Log as not processed.

After the set number of minutes has elapsed the documents will process and send with your Email settings.