In order to queue emails and have Business Central automatically send documents for Document Delivery, a Job Queue must be created.

On the "Job Queue Entries" page, create a new Job Queue card ensuring the Object Type to Run is changed to 'Codeunit'. In the Object ID to Run field, either type the Codeunit No or select from the dropdown value '9093431'. 

You can customize the Recurrence fast tab by choosing the days of the week that you want the job queue to run on and the frequency by which you want them to run by putting a value in the No. of Minutes between Runs which here has been set to 10 minutes. Just ticking a day will auto-populate this if you just want it to process once per day. Populating the Starting Time field will then schedule the Job Queue to process the Documents on the days specified, at the Start time you have proposed and taking into account the No of minutes between runs. 

When completed, click ‘Set Status to Ready’ in the Ribbon to activate the new Job Queue, which will then be visible in your "Job Queue Entries" page. You will see that the Status here has now been updated to ‘Ready’ meaning the Job Queue is ready to use.

If further documents are submitted to Document Delivery before the next run, they will also show up in the Document Log as not processed. The documents will process based on the schedule you have defined.

Automatic Job Queue's

The above process is dependant on a User selecting the entries they want to run via the Job Queue and selecting the Queue Email (Doc Delivery) option to push them into the job queue schedule. However, as defined on the "Document Delivery Setup" page, there is the functionality to have Business Central automatically Queue documents via Job Queues without a User needing to specify these. 

Where the value 'Queue' is stated in the Auto Send Document FastTab on the "Document Delivery Setup", on either Release or Post of that document, Business Central will automatically push that document into the "Document Delivery Log" and queue it. The "Job Queue Entries" card will then process it on the next run. For more information on the Auto Send setup, please refer to the Setup page