Output documents consist of "sales credit memo's" or "Purchase Invoices" for Sales Rebates and "Purchase Credit Memo's" for Purchase Rebates. They can be done automatically and manually dependant on your Business preference. This article should be used when manual processing is required (for example, creating the document adhoc with no scheduling required and posting the document output manually) . For more information on how to do these with scheduling, please see the Automatic Document Posting header, in the Setup section. 

From the Rebate Card, using all of the "Rebate entries", Business Central can compile all of the data and create the Document Output for you, removing the requirement of having to calculate and create these individually. Using this option does not allow you to specify a date range so it will issue 1 document output (Per Allocation) specified within the rebate.  

From the ribbon in your rebate card, click into Actions and select the 'Create Document Output' button.

Note that if you have opted for a 'Purchase Invoice' on Sales Rebates and you do not have a Vendor connected to your Customer, the process will not work and you will get an error. To resolve this, ensure your Customer Contact is setup with a Vendor link. For more information on this, please refer to the Linking Customer & Vendor page. 

Another thing to bear in mind is if you had Only issue Document for Paid Invoices as 'Yes' in "Rebate Setup", when you create your document output, only ones that are ticked as Invoice Paid on your "Rebate Entries" will be included in your output document. This is only relevant for Sales Rebates so Purchase Rebates will generate the document output for all open "Rebate Entries". Where Only Issue Document for Paid invoices is 'No', this works the same way and will generate the document output for all entries. 

Once you select the 'Create Document Output' option on the Rebate, Business Central will advise you what document has been created. From here, go to the relevant list page and open up the newly created document. Where you had Rebate Auto Post Output Document 'Yes' in "Rebate Setup", this would have created a Posted document (unless there was an issue in posting). Where Rebate Auto Post Output Document is 'No', an open Credit/Purchase Invoice would be created. This allows you to open the output document and post manually.

As you can see from the below example of a "Sales Credit Memo", the lines are all populated for you using data from the Rebate card including the 'Rebate No', 'Rebate Description', 'Start' and 'End' Dates, the 'G/L Account' that was specified in the "Rebate Setup" page, a description of how the rebate has been calculated and whether this was due to value or percentage and the 'total rebate value'. If using the Buying Group as your Bill-To customer, the Document will generate as per the details stored on the Buying Group "Customer/Vendor Card".

This document can be edited if required (although lines cannot be deleted) and then posted and sent to your Customer or Vendor using the standard Business Central "Credit Memo"/"Purchase Invoice" report layout.

When looking at the "Rebate Entries" table, the Issued Date, Issued Document Type and Issued Document No are all available per rebate entry. For easy access, you can also highlight the line you want to view the document for, click into the ribbon - 'Related' and "Show Issued Document" which will open up the Credit/Invoice document. Note: The Issued Document No will always display as the non-posted Credit/invoice number, NOT the Posted document No. The Show Issued Document will open up the correct document even if posted.

Deleting an open Document Output will un-tick the Issued box and will default the Issued Date, Issued Document Type and Issued Document No fields to blank, showing a User that the Document Output is still required for the entry.

Note: The Status of the Rebate cannot be changed to Closed whilst there are Rebate Entries that have not been Issued. It is possible to change the Status to Blocked as this signifies an issue with the Rebate card.