A consignment can be created automatically for a Warehouse Shipment or manually from a Posted Sales Shipment or the Consignment itself.

Note – The creation of manual Consignments is detailed in the Manually Creating Consignments - Clever Dynamics section.

When Consignments are created automatically, the majority of fields will be automatically populated for you based on the values defined in the equivalent fields on the source document or the default options defined against the Shipping Agent being used.

There are a few exceptions to this rule which are described below.

Content Description Field:

When submitting ‘International’ Consignments, this field will need to be completed with a brief description of what items are being sent in that Consignment.

Apply Liability Field:

This field will be automatically populated with the default option selected against the Shipping Agent being used on the Consignment, but it can be changed for a specific Consignment if required.

Ribbon Options:

Packaging Option:

This option is described in the Consignment Packaging - Clever Dynamics section.

Submit Option:

This option is described in the Consignment Submission - Clever Dynamics section.

Note - Consignments that have been submitted are locked and cannot be edited but all of the relevant details are there to reference.