You have 3 options when accruing Sales and Purchase rebates. 

1 - Create them all manually, per rebate card. This does not require a "Job queue entry card". Where the Auto Post Accrual Journal toggle on the "Rebate Setup" page is 'Yes', the Journal will automatically generate and post the accrual. Where the Auto Post Accrual Journal is 'No', the General Journal will automatically open for the User to post manually. 

2 - Using the Search Bar (Tell Me) to look for "Accrue Sales/Purchase Rebates" using the filters on the "Request page" to determine what gets created, meaning you can accrue a batch of rebates at the same time. Choosing "Ok" will run the accrual immediately or you can schedule this, which is detailed in Point 3 below.

3 - Use the Schedule option from Point 2 above to setup a Job Queue where you can specify the recurrence of the accruals being posted. Where the Auto post Accrual Journal toggle on the "Rebate Setup" page is 'No', the Journal Entries will be created and require a User to check these and post them manually. Where the Auto Post Accrual Journal toggle is 'Yes', the Job Queue will Create and Post the accrual journal entries.

Accruing without recurrent postings

In the Search bar, type "Accrue Sales Rebates" or "Accrue Purchase Rebates" depending on which one you need. A "Request Page" will appear requiring Start and End dates which are mandatory fields. These are based on the Posting dates of the rebate entries you want to create the accruals for. When using the Start and End dates, these require Formula time units such as D, WD, W, M, Q etc. It will not accept specific dates i.e. '01/07/2022'. This is so that it can handle recurrent postings if required. From the picture below, there are Start Date Value and End Date Value fields which will auto-populate with the calculated date once the formula is entered to ensure the correct date range is added.

There is also the ability to filter on other values that appear in the Rebate Header such as No, Rebate Type etc. Once you press OK on the "Request page", Business Central will create (and Post if this is switched on) your Accrual Entries. 

Where Rebate Auto Post Accrual Journal is ticked as 'Yes' on "Rebate Setup", this will consider the posting of the "General Journal" to be System created. Due to this, even when Direct Posting is 'No' on a "G/L Account" card for the accrual process, the Journal will post successfully. 

Using Job Queues for recurrent accrual postings

Searching "Job Queue Entries", create a new "Job queue entry card". 

General FastTab

Object Type to Run needs to remain as 'Report' with an Object ID to Run as '70084627' for Accrue Sales Rebates or '70084628' for Accrue Purchase Rebates. 

Maximum No of Attempts to Run can be populated in the event the job queue fails. Specifying a number here will then re-run this job queue the stated amount of times in conjunction with the Rerun (Delay) field which asks you to populate after how many seconds the re-run will attempt to process. Leaving both of these blank will then only process the Job Queue based on the recurrence as stated further down on the page.

The Earliest Start Date/Time and the Expiration Date/Time fields can also be used to further specify when this job queue is active as of and when it should stop running. 

Report Parameters FastTab

Marking the Option Button on the Report Request Page Options field will then open up the "request page" for this job queue. Here you can identify more filters to define exactly what rebates you want Business Central to automatically create the Accruals for (or create and post where necessary). This is the same request page as the one above so Formula Start and End dates must be defined in order for the accrual process to run. Filter by any additional Rebate Header data and press OK on the request page to confirm your filters. 

Recurrence FastTab

The days of the week can be ticked if this job queue is to process on specific days. Ticking this will allow for further fields to be edited including Starting Time, Ending Time and No of minutes between Runs.

The Next Run Date Formula field can be utilised if it is to be ran at other times, i..e a specific month, quarter etc. 

Finally once all of these fields are populated, clicking into the ribbon into 'Process' and 'Set Status to ready' will then turn on this job queue which will process either immediately if no recurrence has been set or the Earliest Start Date/Time is blank or will sit as Ready and process on that date/time.

If the Auto Post Accrual Journal toggle is 'No' on the "Rebate Setup" card, then the job queue will just create the accrual entries for ALL of the entries applicable within the Start and End date formulas you used for Open Rebates. This would require a user to manually open up the Journal, check the lines and manually post them. If the Auto Post Accrual Journal is set to 'Yes', then the Job Queue will create AND post the journal entries for you. 

Note, once a rebate entry is marked as Accrual Calculated on the "Rebate Entries" page, that entry is marked as 'closed'. The batch processing will only take into account open rebate entries that have not yet been accrued to create (and post, if this is switched on) them. Entries can be re-opened if required. Please see the "Create Accrual Journal" menu heading for more information on how to manually create Accrual journals per Rebate card.