Clever Document Delivery

Send the right documents to the right people, quickly and easily.

It’s easy to create transactions in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system but you need your customers, vendors and anyone else you define, to get and action the resulting documents instantly and accurately.

Clever Document Delivery makes that happen with minimal effort. You can set rules for an unlimited list of recipients for each document type, per account and send them out as a PDF attached to emails.

With the ability to consolidate attachments into a single PDF, group invoices by their bill-to customer or merge outstanding invoices to the back of the customer statement, you have the flexibility to define exactly how your Customers and Vendors get those documents. 

Optionally set a password against the customer or vendor account to add password protection to the PDFs that are created, providing an extra security measure. 

Need a helping hand when using Clever Document Delivery? View our installed Product Videos directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Use Clever Document Delivery to:

  • Quickly send documents to customers and vendors
  • Maintain a log of all emails that have been sent and to easily resend a previously sent document
  • Define who should be receiving documents making sure that the correct person is dealing with the correct documents
  • Setup default documents via Customer/Vendor Templates
  • Define automatic sending rules for documents so Job Queue's can Queue or Send documents for you on Release or Post
  • Password protect the documents being sent so only those with the correct authority can view those documents
  • Define email templates that pull through the correct contact and content information to personalize each communication

Make sending your documents as simple and cost effective as possible, all directly from within Dynamics 365 Business Central.