Pick templates have been introduced to provide similar functionality to put-away templates.

To create a new pick template rule the following steps are required.

  1. Extend the "Pick Template Rule WHPTMN" Enum with an entry for the new rule.
  2. Subscribe to the event OnIsValidPickBin of codeunit "Pick Mgt. WHPTMN". This event is called when evaluating each custom rule against a pick template line

This event has the following parameters:

  • var BinContent: Record "Bin Content"

A filtered version of the bin content with suitable bins that can be picked from.

  • PickTemplateRule: Enum "Pick Template Rule WHPTMN"

The custom rule created in step 1.

  • PickQtyRequiredBase: Decimal

The quantity required in base unit of measure.

  • var IsValidBin: Boolean

A boolean that states if the bin is suitable based on the new rule. This does not mean the bin is discounted, it just means that it will have a lower priority that a bin that meets the rule.