When using Rebates, you may wish to set them up based on Buying Groups. Buying groups are usually defined as a Company made up of multiple business working together to assist with better Purchasing power and provide the ability to gain better pricing. These can be applicable for both sales and purchases. 

For example, you may usually purchase stock from an existing Vendor, however if you are part of a Buying Group, you may be able to buy the same products via the Buying Group instead, enabling you to purchase at a usually lower price. 

Using these within the Rebate App is simple and requires just a few simple steps detailed below:

1) Creation of a Buying Group & determining if it is the Buying Group or individual Customers/Vendors requiring the output document you will produce.

2) Assigning Customers & Vendors to their Buying Groups

3) Using Buying Groups on rebates

Creating a Buying Group

Firstly, the Buying Group must be created as its own "Customer" or "Vendor" card. This is to ensure that its bank details, address and contact information is stored in Business Central and, where you will be providing the Buying Group with the Rebate doc output (Credit or Purchase Invoice), the app knows who to create that document for. 

Once that is created, search for "Buying Groups" in the search bar which will open the below screen. Using the '+New' option, create a new line, populating the Code with a recognisable code that you will later use to allocate Customers and Vendors to. Populate the Description with something that easily identifies the Code. In the Use as Bill-to/Pay-to on Documents field, tick this as 'Yes' if you want to send the document output to the Buying Group, irrespective of the Customers/Vendors that made up the rebate entries. Marking this as 'No' will mean the document outputs will be created for all Customers/Vendors that have rebate entries on the assigned Rebate Card, regardless of the fact they are part of the Buying Group.

Providing you have ticked the Use as Bill-To/Pay-to on Documents, you can confirm the Source Type for the Buying Group Code, choosing from either 'Customer' or 'Vendor, and finally populate the Source No with the Customer/Vendor card No you created for the Buying Group. These 2 fields do not need to be populated where it is not ticked. 

Assigning Customers and Vendors

Opening up both a "Customer Card" and "Vendor Card" will display a new FastTab at the bottom of the page called Rebates. Within the Buying Group field, drilldown onto the field, selecting the Buying Group you want to assign to this Customer or Vendor. You should do this for all Customers and Vendors who will now be a part of the Buying Groups for rebates.