With the initial MES Setup process complete, you now need to setup your MES operators.

MES operators can be setup two different ways. The first is to set them up to post their time and cost against a specific Machine Centre and the second is simply to provide a list of operators where no costs will be posted for them and only tagged against the Capacity Ledger Entries (and Device Logs) to track which operator was working on the Machine Centre at the point of posting.

To setup an Operator you first need to navigate to the MES Operators Page by using the Search function.

Once on the page, you will need to start populating the necessary fields. The Code is a unique identifier for each operator created. The Name is the operators name, which will be shown on the device during the production process.

The Machine Centre is used to assign an Operator to a specific Machine Centre to allow for costs and time to be posted against the routing line in addition to the cost and time of the Machine Centre itself, creating separate Capacity Ledger Entries.

If you do decide to populate the Machine Centre No. field you need to make sure that in your MES Setup page that Post Operator Time/Cost is Enabled.

NB: Enabling the Post Operator Time/Cost option requires an Operator to be linked to a Machine Centre. If for any reason it is not setup correctly an error will be shown on the device when trying to post transactions.

You typically create the operator as a new machine centre. To do this click on the New option instead of selecting a Machine Centre from the field lookup, as shown below.

By clicking on the New option, it will open up a blank Machine Centre Card which you will need to fill in. Make sure to populate the Unit Cost field as this is used to determine the cost posted to the Production Order.

You will notice there is an MES FastTab on the page. This will be detailed later on in the User Guide, however at this point you do need to go into that FastTab and make sure Show in MES is not enabled. This is to make sure you don’t see this Machine Centre on the MES as a Device.

The Unit of Measure Code is the Unit of Measure that will appear against the Capacity Ledger Entry and is also used in the calculations of the costs for the operator if you choose to Post Operator Time/Costs. The final field is the Unit Cost, which is the Unit cost of the operator related to the specified Unit of Measure.

Access Codes

With the operators now setup there are a couple of other options you can apply to the operators, the first of which is to assign each of them an Access Code.

By default, the solution gives access to all users that are able to see the device website, those users are then able to gain access to the MES and perform any operation available on the device.

Assigning an Access Code to each Operator allows you to setup the right access to the right people.

To have the system assign an access code for an Operator, click on the option Generate Access Codes. A pop-up message will come up on the screen asking if you would like to generate an access code for this operator.

NB: If an access code has been assigned to that operator previously it will be overridden.

Editing the list of operators will allow you to change the access code from the auto generated one to something more manageable, or you can simply create each operators Access code manually without using the Generate Access Codes function.

MES Operator Centers

The other action you can select is MES Operator Centers

Against your MES operators you can specifically assign them to a Machine Centre so that when that Machine is being used on the MES, only Operators assigned to the Machine will be listed on the Operator selection screen.

Clicking on the New button in the MES Operator Centers page will enabled you to then choose a Centre Type and the Centre No.