It may be useful within your business process to see a list of the "Sales Invoices" or "Posted Sales Invoices" that have been made by using "Payment Plans". 

This is easily done through the search menu, either searching for Payment Plan Invoices or Posted Payment Plan Invoices.

Each will open up the standard list view of the "Sales Invoices" or "Posted Sales Invoices" so the list will look no different than usual, except for the fact these will only display invoices created from "Payment Plans". 

A way of checking this is by using the Page Inspection (accessed by pressing Ctrl, Alt and F1 on your keyboard at the same time). Searching for the keyword "Payment" you'll see the fields on the page related to the Clever Payment Plan app. Here, you can see detail surrounding the line on the list page you have selected such as the associated Payment Plan No or the Payment Plan Template Code used to generate the plan. 

This gives you an additional way of reporting on invoices solely created using the Clever Payment Plan app as well as pulling out vital "Payment Plan" information against the invoices where required.