Label Printer Selections let you define which printer a label will be printed on, based on the user who consigned it, the shipping agent it is being consigned with and the shipment bin it is being shipped from.

The setup will depend on if you are integrating with a single or multiple shipping agents, if those shipping agents can use the same sized blank labels and if you have multiple label printers. If you have just one agent and one printer then you do not need to configure Label Printer Selections, you can just set a default printer against the agent integration and it will default to that.

If you do need it, you can set one or multiple selection criteria. Business Central will look for printers according to the following priorities:

  1. User, Shipping Agent Code and Shipment Bin all match

  2. User and Shipping Agent Code, Shipment Bin is blank

  3. Shipping Agent Code and Shipment Bin match, User is blank

  4. Shipping Agent Code matches, User and Bin blank

  5. Bin match, User and Shipping Agent Code blank

  6. User matches, Shipping Agent Code and Bin blank

In the future we plan to let you specify users from Clever Handheld for Warehouse as well as just Business Central, hence the user type field.

You can select just one or multiple criteria but it will select the first one it finds based on the priorities above.

If you have several printers for the same shipping agent, for instance, one at each packing station, then you could choose to set it by the Shipment Bin. For this to work successfully, you will need to select the shipment bin on the Warehouse Shipment header to the right Bin Code for each packing station. This will look as follows

If the printer you wish the label to go to is dependent on the shipping agent, then you only need to set the Shipping Agent. In the following example, the FedEx labels will go to printer1 with the DPD labels going to Printer2.