Version 2.5.0 – Release Date 09/01/23

Change Type Description
Enhancement Increased the Maximum Number of Aging Bands to Ten
Enhancement New Collected Summary Report

New Fields added to Credit Clever Status Codes:

- Payment Promised

- Queried

- Query Resolution Target

- Query Resolution by Me

- Default On Hold


Amendments to Clever Credit Install Codeunit to reduce install time


New Field Added to Clever Credit Setup - Exclude Credit Held Documents


Changes to Credit Control Activities Role Centre:

- Renamed "Customers Overdue" Cue to "Entries Overdue"

- New Cue Added "Overdue"

- New Cue Added "Value (LCY) Overdue"

- New Cue Added "Value (LCY) Credit Held"

- New Cue Added "Service Credit Held Documents"


New Field Added to Clever Credit Setup - Credit Control Reporting Period. This works with the Collection Cues on Clever Credit Activities Role Centre


Improvement the Caption Information on Clever Credit Interaction Page


Addition of Clever Interaction Types


New Action Added to Clever Credit Interaction Page - Select All Overdue


New Option Added to Credit Review Chart to allow it to be Expanded


Addition of Functionality to Allow Lookup to Companies House URL


Changes to Credit Control Interactions to Resolve Updates being made incorrectly


New Field Added to Credit Held List - Amount Including VAT


New Field Added to Service Held Credit List - Amount Including VAT


Business Central Compatibility Changes:

- Update Navigate

- Update Variables

- Update App to Runtime9


Add Clever Credit Training Videos into standard Business Central Product Video 


Added Dashboard Page Parts to BOOKKEEPER and ADMINISTRATOR Role Centres


Added Updated Clever Credit Logo into App

Bug Fix

Resolved Issue with Copy Document Function Bypassing Credit Check Functionality

Bug Fix

Resolved Issue with Payment Tolerance Causing Incorrect Clever Credit Balance

Bug Fix

Changed Fields Names to be Consistent on Clever Credit Interaction Page

Bug Fix

Resolved Issue to allow the Assignment of Multiple Customers to a Credit Controller


Version 2.4.3 – Release Date 20/12/22

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Resolved Issue to allow the calculation Service Header and Line Amounts before attempting to do checks on Document Release


Version 2.4.2 – Release Date 22/07/22

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Corrected Issue with Recalculation on Posting/Closing Invoice Entries


Version 2.4.1 – Release Date 19/05/22

Change Type Description
Enhancement BC20 Compatibility - Set TestPermissions to Disabled
Bug Fix Corrected Issue with Permission for Service Documents
Bug Fix Resolve the Error which occurred when a Customer was renamed


Version 2.4.0 – Release Date 13/04/22

Change Type Description
Enhancement 'Balance Over Credit Limit' and 'Over Balance' Fields on Credit Held List are now updated when Payments are processed.
Enhancement New 'Insured Limit (LCY)' Field Added to Customer Card
Enhancement Support for Service Documents to be Credit Held
Enhancement Include "LCY" in Column Names when Exporting the Clever Credit Page into Excel
Enhancement Add 'Credit Limit Last Checked' Functionality for Customers
Enhancement Updates Required for BC20 Release
Enhancement Added "Do Not Show Again" Functionality to Clever Credit Notifications
Bug Fix Fixed Issue with being able to process Sales Quotes/Blanket Orders when they should be  Credit Held
Bug Fix Fixed Issue with being able to create Production Orders for a Credit Held Document


Version 2.3.11 – Release Date 17/11/21

Change Type Description
Bug Erroneous To-Do Creations

Version 2.3.10 – Release Date 19/10/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Convert Permissionset XML to Object
Enhancement Address BC19 Compiler Warnings

Version 2.3.9 – Release Date 13/10/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Show 'No of Held Documents' on Clever Credit Page
Enhancement Add Overdue Balance (LCY) to Clever Credit Statistics FactBox
Enhancement Clever Credit Fields Added to Customer and Configuration Templates
Enhancement Change to Permission Set Objects
Bug Installation Failure with French Localisation
Bug Fix Issues with Promised Payment Date To-Do’s Entries being created incorrectly.
Bug Error generated from ‘Credit Held List’ when drilling down to Customer.

Version 2.3.8

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Interactions not saving

Version 2.3.7

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Status on Credit Released Orders - Release order from the Credit Held list, sets the Credit Status to "OK" It should set the Credit Status to "Credit Released". The filtered release list doesn’t show the orders that have been released, because its filtered to "Credit Released"
Enhancement  Reassign Credit controller - Once a Credit Controller has been assigned to a Customer there isn’t a way to reassign them to another credit controller
Enhancement  Customer Posting Group added to main page

Version 2.3.6

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Error renumbering customer record

Version 2.3.5

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Recalculate All / Recalculate Entries does not update customer status

Version 2.3.4

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Customer modify permission still required after fix in 2.3.2

Version 2.3.3

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Upgrade code missing permissions

Version 2.3.2

Change Type Description

Users entering sales orders no longer require Customer modify permissions

The Account Status field on the customer record may be updated when an order is entered and released which previously required explicit modify permissions on the Customer table

The Clever Credit permission set now includes Indirect modify permission to the customer table which is elevated by the account status calculation code

Version 2.3.1

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Rename query web service CredCtrlRemainAmt to CreditCtrlRemainAmtStatus (workaround for an issue upgrading BC SaaS tenants)

Version 2.3.0

Change Type Description
Enhancement  New action on setup page to perform calculation of Clever Credit statistics (rather than on installation of the app)
Enhancement  Ability to select different contacts on the interaction page
Enhancement  Call manual release methods in Release Sales Documents codeunit
Enhancement  Select/deselect highlighted entries on interaction subpage

Different interaction types - ability to select between them on the interaction page

"Make Phone Call" label changed to "Create Interaction"

Version 2.2.22

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Dependency on Clever Dashboard app to provide dashboard measures and charts on role centres
Enhancement  New queries published as web services to support dashboard measures
Enhancement  Before/After events in Credit Mgt. - Release codeunit
Enhancement  Performance improvements to the calculation of Clever Credit statistics

Version 2.2.21

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Cancelling Credit Check. User currently has no way of cancelling the request for the accounts dept to review the order. Add a new action that will allow the user to cancel the credit check while the status is still credit held.
Bug Fix Calculation of Selected Entries on Make Phone Call Page – issue when entries were being selected and unselected during an interaction. The totals are not being displayed on the header of the interaction card.
Bug Fix

Style Credit Status on Sales Header.

Call to SetCreditManagementStatusStyle is OnValidate of field "Credit Mgt. Status Style TMN" which is never called. Make this call from OnValidate of "Credit Status TMN".

Set Style and StyleExpr properties on Sales Order page.

Version 2.2.20

Change Type Description
Enhancement  On Before/ After Manual Release Events - Add events before/after manual release in the Credit Management codeunit to allow custom subscribers to override or extend the checks that are performed when an order is released.

Allow a custom subscriber to have a custom definition of

Overdue Credit


Or just override the entire function to decide whether a particular order should be credit held or not

Bug Fix Table IDs do not match error when clicking on Customer No. link in Stats FactBox.

Version 2.2.19

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Creating an Interaction Hangs - When using "Make Phone Call" from the to-do list page.

Version 2.2.18

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Handle licenses for trials and licenses the same i.e. the definition for AppIsLicensed() should be the same irrespective of the type of license.

Version 2.2.17

Change Type  Description 
Bug Fix

2.2.16 has two fields:

"Company Registration No."

"Company Registration No. TMN"

Bug Fix

We cannot publish this version to AppSource with a field without the TMN suffix. We will need to remove the first field and ForceSync when we upgrade.

Version 2.2.16

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Use Clever Config Licensing - Use new functions in Clever Config to acquire the license count.
Bug Fix The date is not valid - 0D due date - Handle customer ledger entries with blank due date when calculating overdue days

Version 2.2.15

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Add Company Registration No. to customer card
Bug Fix Handle field rename - Handle field rename for fields which were over 30 char before. Allow for upgrading from previous versions

Version 2.2.14

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Ability to Filter Credit Held List by Credit Controller - Add Credit Controller field to Credit Held list and make it available for users to filter on. Flowfield from Customer table? Field that is populated on validation of Bill-to Customer No?
Bug Fix Split the License check to check whether the app is licensed and secondly that the user is licensed. Changed license check when releasing/posting sales documents to only check if the app is licensed as users who are not credit controllers must be able to release documents.
Bug Fix Customer record cannot be deleted - Customer record cannot be deleted. The bug was fixed in credit management (objects), migrate the bug fix into the app.
Bug Fix Reset customer contact no on business relation change - When business relation customer is changed, reset the original customer record and assign the contact no against new customer.

Version 2.2.13

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Renumber into Clever Finance Range - Renumber into 9097029 - 9097128
Enhancement  Rework calling Customer Statement - MS are changing how the customer statement gets called. We need to copy in Clever Credit.
Enhancement  Calculating Account Status When Calculating Ledger Entries - Use the routine that recalculates ledger entries to update the customer's account status. The only way that a customer should need to have their status updating without any other trigger (releasing an order, inserting a detailed CLE) is when a ledger entry moves from the not due ageing bucket to the first due ageing bucket
Enhancement  Recalculate Account Status When Grace Period Changes - Changing the grace period might change whether some invoices are considered overdue and therefore change the status of the customer account.
Enhancement  Use Events OnBefore/OnAfter Manual Reopen/Release - Replace page action subscriptions with subscriptions to the OnBefore/OnAfter Manual Reopen/Release events which are now available in the sales release codeunit.
Enhancement  Remove Service Password Permission - Remove Service Password permission in Clever Credit Setup table - it isn't required anymore and the Service Password table will be removed in a future version.

Version 2.2.12

Change Type Description

Clever Credit Page Filters - Set the filter on the Credit Controller page according to the following logic:

If the current user is the default credit controller then show customers with a matching or blank credit controller code

If the current user is not the default credit controller, filter to customers with a matching credit controller code

If no customer records fall within the filter, then remove change the filter to show customers with a blank credit controller code.

Enhancement  Optionally Bypass Cust. Account Status Calculation - Especially for data migration scenarios. Otherwise the calls the CLE. Modify cause a calculation each time.
Bug Fix NA Build Failing - Reference to VAT Statements - Fix build for NA image - otherwise installation will fail for US and CA tenants.
Bug Fix Installing App Fails When CLEs with No. Customer No. are Present - Prevent the app from attempting to retrieve the customer record in this case. The immediate problem is for the v1 app - presumably when the it is attempting to calculate customer stats when the CLE archived data is restored - but this could cause a problem for any version of the app.
Bug Fix A CLE without a customer no. is valid e.g. when some data compression has been performed on the db.

Version 2.2.11

Change Type Description
Enhancement  An option has been added to the My Notifications page to optionally disable credit held notifications on sales documents.
Bug Fix Fix to update the account status on the bill-to customer
Bug Fix DD (Clever Document Delivery) integration using incorrect field. The actions Queue/Send email on the Clever Credit page, pass a RecRef of the current records to DD. Previously this page was based on the Customer record, since its source table is now the Credit Control Cust. Entry TMN
Bug Fix Update the actions to get the corresponding Customer entry first, and pass this to DD

Version 2.2.10

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Update the Account Status when changing the due date on the customer ledger entry, therefore if the dates are changed so an invoice is no longer overdue the status on the customer card is updated.
Bug Fix When an order has been released from credit held you can amend the order and users can re-release if the order value is below the original amount, however adding a line discount of 100% or an order value of zero means the order is credit held again. This has been changed so that zero value orders do not go through the credit hold process again and can be re-released.

Version 2.2.9

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Update Account Status on Sales Order Deletion - Customer account status should be recalculated when a sales order is deleted e.g. if the order took them over their credit limit and deleting that order takes them back under again.
Bug Fix Incorrect Date used for Credit calculation - We use the Document Date of the document to drive the credit calculation this should be changed to TODAY.

Version 2.2.7

Change Type Description

Credit Held Reason Priority - Change the order in which Credit Held Reasons are assigned to orders. Reasons in order of importance:

Overdue (most important to show)

Over Credit Limit


Credit Hold All Documents (least important to show)


Progress Bar for Recalculate Functions – Add a progress bar to the Recalculate X functions that are run On Open of the Clever Credit page.

Calculate account status of the sell-to customer no. on release of a sales document. Recalculate the status of the sell-to customer no. when a sales document is released. This is for the scenario where an outstanding order puts a customer over their credit limit.

Bug Fix

SETFILTER on Hold Incorrect - Overdue Credit query uses a filter on the On Hold field

Version 2.2.6

Change Type Description

Add "Account Status" option/enum card. Add this field (non-editable) to the customer card and list and credit control pages. Add a function to calculate the value of this field - allow it to be overridden by a subscriber.



Over Credit Limit



Change Type Description
Enhancement  Licensing from Setup Page - Allow the user to access the Clever Credit Setup page, even if their session is not licensed and add an action to open the license details page from there.

Version 1.0.4

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Add Credit Controller to Clever Credit Interaction - Add and populate Credit Controller Code field. Use that field to set the Credit Controller Code of To-Do entries.
Enhancement  Enforce Licensed No. of Credit Controllers - Licensing by the number of credit controllers seems a better way to manage a count of licenses for our app.
Enhancement  Event Subscribers - easier to read and more concise if the code was in the extension objects themselves (or calls from the extension objects to functions in codeunits, where appropriate).
Enhancement  Code Analysis - a tidy up to stop the repository throwing up warnings from the code analysis.
Enhancement  UI/UX Changes - Changes to the UI, promoted actions, captions etc. particularly around the Credit Held List and Manage Credit Status
Bug Fix  Overflow Error Showing on Chart - Overflow error decimal to integer attempting to drilldown on average days to pay.
Bug Fix  License details not visible - No way to get to licence details page from Clever Credit page.
Bug Fix  FactBox on Customer Ledger Entries Shows Unrelated Interactions - Ensure that only interactions for the given ledger entry are shown in the FactBox.
Bug Fix  Permissions Error on Opening Assisted Setup Page - A user who doesn't have our permission set assigned attempts to open the Assisted Setup page receives a permissions error that they don't have permission to read from a table in our range.
Bug Fix  Overflow on Decimal -> Int – occurs when displaying the chart on drilldown of Avg. Days to Pay for a customer

Version 1.0.3

Change Type Description

Descriptions on Interactions/To-Dos - make better use of the description field on interactions/to-dos to make it clearer why certain records have been created.

Move To-Dos Description - Move the description field below the customer fields on the To-Do card and after the customer fields on the To-Do List. Also, show the To-Do Entry No. as the first column on the To-Do list page.

Descriptions on Interactions - Add a description field to the interaction card - which should be editable. This description should carry through to the to-do when automatically creating a to-do because a next interaction date has been entered.

If the description field is blank when the Next Interaction Date is populated, populate the description with the text "Follow up call from %1" where %1 is the date of this interaction.

Description of To-Do’s Created from Promised Payment Date - When we automatically create a to-do by entering a promised payment date on a customer ledger entry, we should populate the description of that to-do with "Check promised payment has been received."

Bug Fix Credit Controller Code from User ID – when creating the Credit Control code ee take the first 10 characters and convert it to be the Code, if there’s more than one we remove the last character and add a number. After checking that a credit controller exists with the same code, copy the User ID and then make it 2 characters shorter.

Version 1.0.2

Change Type Description
Enhancement  License Details Page - Create new page to display the status of the licence, when the trial expires and give the option to set a new date for the expiry of the trial. Create a new codeunit that will be responsible for checking the status of the licence when certain actions are performed in the product, pop notifications to warn that the trial is about to expire etc.
Bug Fix Assigning Customers to Credit Controller – if you cancel the lookup dialog box without assigning any customers to the credit controller, all the customers in your customer list are assigned to the credit controller.

Version 1.0.1

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Assign Customers Action on Credit Controller List - Add a new action to the Credit Controller List page. Show the Customer List (filtered to customers who have a blank Credit Controller). If the OK button is used to close the page iterate through the selected customers and set the Credit Controller code on each of them.
Enhancement  Rework Select Column on Clever Credit Interaction - The current UX works nicely on the Windows client, but not on the web client.
Enhancement  Print Selected Invoices from Clever Credit Interaction Screen - Add action to print selected invoices from the Make Phone Call screen. This will allow the user to download a PDF of the invoices and send to the customer while they are on the phone to them.
Enhancement  Days to Pay Chart - Add a new chart to the Clever Credit Statistics page to show the trend of a customer's payments over time. Plot the number of days to pay each invoice against time as a line chart. This will allow the user to see at a glance the trend of customer payments over time.
Enhancement  View Credit Control Interactions from CLEs (Customer Ledger Entries) - From the CLEs page the user can see invoices on the account. Add a FactBox so that they can see any interactions that have been made with the customer where this invoice has been discussed.
Enhancement  Message on Passing Credit Check - Display a message when a document passes the credit check when initiated by the user from the action on the Sales Order.
Enhancement  Add Credit Mgt. Items to Relevant Role Centers - Add a navigation to the Accountant and Business Manager profiles.

Improvements made to the:

Assisted setup pages – fields moved around, clearer labeling of fields and what setup is required.

Credit Controller pages – clearer visibility of setup

Sales Documents - highlight credit held documents, show necessary Clever Credit fields to carry out sales actions correctly.

Enhancement  DateFormula AssistEdits - Add assist edit functionality to dateformula fields that are added to the app. Dateformulas are not easy to work with at the best of times, let alone if we are assuming that the user does not have any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central experience.
Bug Fix Customer Table is empty Error – this happens when a Credit Controller is linked to a current User, but no customers have bene assigned to the credit controller. If the user, then tries to open the Clever Credit Page it errors.
Bug Fix Do Not Calculate Days to Pay for Non-Invoice Cust. Ledger Entries- They are being calculated making the Clever credit statistics entries hard to read.
Bug Fix Credit Control Contact Lookup - The Credit Control Contact on the customer card should only lookup to person contacts that are related to the customer account. Currently is it showing all contacts.

Version 1.0

Change Type Description
Enhancement  Default Data – Providing a function to create some default data when the app is installed. This is to include Aging Bands & Default Credit Controller.

Notifications for JIT (Just in Time – prompt accordingly when setup needs to be done, rather than as soon as the App is installed) Setup.

Notification to perform global setup when the app is first installed

Link to open Credit Control page

Notification to create some credit controllers when Credit Control page is opened.

Enhancement  Assisted Setup – Assisted setups have been created to help guide users through Clever Credit setup and creating Credit Controllers.
Enhancement  Populate Credit Controller Filter on the Clever Credit Page – if you are setup as a credit controller the Clever Credit list will filter customers to those you correspond to. If the current Credit Controller is the default credit controller show customer records that have a blank credit controller value.
Enhancement  Unassign Customers on Delete – Customer should be unassigned from a credit controller when they are deleted.
Enhancement  Refactor Codeunits - Change Clever Credit to be split into several smaller codeunits.