• I made a mistake.  Can I change the date / amounts on the Posted Sales Invoice I just sent?

No sorry, credit and re-invoice.

  • How do I setup Item Cross References?

Go to Items, highlight the item, choose Cross-References from the ribbon menu and then insert the details.

Item cross references can be one of two types:

Customer: Fill in Cross-Reference Type No. with the customer number.  Fill in Cross-Reference No. with that customer’s own item number.

Barcode:  Leave Cross-Reference Type No. empty.  Fill in the Cross-Reference No. with the item’s barcode.  This is usually a 13-digit code.

  • My orders haven’t arrived.  Where are they?

Check the support portal first to see if they are listed.  If they are not then they have most likely not reached Tecman’s server.

Get in touch with us and ask for support with tracking down your EDI orders.  It helps us if you can tell us what time you expected the orders and how many orders you believe there should be.

  • Our customer says they have not received this invoice.  What do I do?

Check Outbound Document List.

If the invoice is not listed, send it from the Posted Sales Invoice card.

If the invoice is listed and has the status Unsent, send it from the Outbound Document card by clicking the Send button on the ribbon.

If the invoice is listed and has the status Sent, send it from the Outbound Document card by clicking the Resend Document button on the ribbon.

If you see an unfamiliar error message following any of the above steps then contact Support.

  • What’s EDI stand for?

Electronic Document Interchange.

  • We want to trade with a new customer / supplier using EDI.  What do we do to set this up?

Contact us to set this up.

  • An existing trading partner wants to change their billing address.  What do we do?

The address can be changed on the Customer card.  You need to know when this should be changed over.  Some customers expect documents issued earlier than a set date to retain the old address.

  • I have rejected a pending inbound order when I meant to accept it.

Contact Support and tell us the Inbound Document No. or the Customer Order Number.  We will need to adjust the status from Rejected to Pending.  You can then accept the order.