If you are using your own logistics, you can set-up drivers for your vehicles to use for route planning.

Drivers can be setup using the Shipment Management Drivers page. This can be found by using the search to find the page or exploring the warehouse role centre to get to the page.

The Code field is the identifier for the driver. In addition, you can optionally enter a Name for the driver.

There are additional fields to hold the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name of the Driver as well as their Mobile Phone No. These are primarily used for information but may be required for integrations.

The Default Location Code species the warehouse location the driver operates from. If the driver can operate from more than one location, then use the Driver Locations action. If this field is left blank, then the driver can operate from all locations.

There is a further option to Block a driver. This allows you to retain the history of the driver but prevent it from being used on new Delivery Area Schedules or Routes

The locations a driver operates from can be assigned by using Driver Locations:

This will display a dialog allowing all location that the driver can operate from to be specified:


Marking a location as Default will automatically update the Default Location Code on the Shipment Management Drivers list. Specifying the list of driver locations will prevent a driver being accidently assigned to a Delivery Area Schedule or Route that falls outside their assigned locations.

You can view a list of routes that the driver is currently utilised on by selecting Where Used from the ribbon:

It is also possible to see where the driver has been used historically by selecting Posted Routes from the History menu under the Related section of the ribbon.

Notes and Links can also be stored against the driver.