Version 1.4.0 (Released 09/02/22)

Change Type Description 
Enhancement  Changes to Permissionsets

Version 1.3.4 (Released 28/01/22)

Change Type Description 
Enhancement  Convert PermissionSet XML to Object
Bug Fix Changed Message that is displayed when a new line is added to a Document which previously had Promotions Applied advising that they need to Un-apply Promotions and Reapply to stop the Recalculation Message appearing for all lines.
Bug Fix Resolve Issue with Missing Lines in the 'Promo Entry Qualifying Entry' Table.

Version 1.3.3

Change Type Description 
Enhancement  Flag in sales setup to allow editing sales lines after posting
Bug Fix Qualification criteria creation

Version 1.3.2

Change Type Description 
Enhancement  South African English


Change Type Description 
Bug Fix Disappearing items in a promo item group


Change Type Description 
Enhancement  Enforce licensing

Version 1.2.1

Change Type Description 
Bug Fix Allow benefit multiplication not applying
Bug Fix Buffer entry already exists: Cannot be combined on line
Bug Fix Copy promotion – reset priority

Version 1.2

Change Type Description 
Enhancement  Do Not Apply Promotions on Release of Sales Document – instead a new field on the Promotion to determine when to apply the promotion
Bug Fix The record in table Promotion Code already exists – fix a bug so that it should skip this a promotion code is already there. It should not error if that code is also against a different Promo code.
Bug Fix Resolve Issues with Build - Some of the test code seems to have been lost during the move to AL and/or while renumbering to a new object range.
Bug Fix Promotion does not reapply on re-release – fix to reapply promotion on release providing the new setup field has been enabled.
Bug Fix Decimal places - When the user is creating a promotion and the discount amount is limited to 2 decimal places compared to the MSDyn365 BC field of 5 decimal places.
Bug Fix RunModal error when adding new line. Create Promotion to apply discount % on a minimum quantity for a specific item. Adding a new line for another item, enter quantity, the user is prompted the promotion must be recalculated click OK and receive C/AL RunModal error. Revert the change and try to delete the errored item line gives the same error.