Version 1.1.1 – Release Date 04/04/2024

Change Type Description
Enhancement BC24 compatibility update

Version 1.1 – Release Date 01/02/2024

Change Type Description
Enhancement Non Conformance functionality for Customer, Vendor and Internal issues and resolutions. 
Enhancement Manual Quality Orders added accessible via Lot/Serial Information List, Item Card and Stockkeeping Units.
Enhancement Added the ability to delete Quality Orders which can be used in conjunction with Quality Team Members where applicable.
Enhancement Added option to print related Quality Certificates onto the Posted Sales Shipments ribbon.
Enhancement Added Vendor Compliance report into report selections.
Enhancement Team members have editing rights so can enter results, post and perform Failure Responses. Non-Team members are now read only.
Enhancement Quality Check Statistics added to Items and Stockkeeping Units (Lists and cards). 
Enhancement On Hold changed so that Test Results cannot be entered whilst in this stage.
Enhancement Item Tracing accessible from Quality Order along with Quality Order Number and Status visible within the Item Tracing lines. 
Enhancement Ability to view Source Document available from Posted Quality Order for easy access of data.
Enhancement Lot and Serial fields hidden on Quality Order where Automation is set for 'Per Item'.
Issue Resolution Qty. To Return and Qty. To Transfer fields added to Quality Order, updated when those Failure responses are actioned but not yet posted.
Issue Resolution Error added to Location Card when Scrap Bin Code entered is same as Adjustment Bin Code.
Issue Resolution Renamed Transaction Type 'Production Order Completion' to 'In-Process Production' to make it clearer. 
Issue Resolution Re-test ability now greyed out when a Quality order to retest the full quantity has already been created from the Quality Order.
Bug Fix Changed behaviour so if Test Results deleted, Status is changed back to 'In Progress'. This means Post is greyed out until Status is complete (and results entered). 
Bug Fix Find Entries would not always return entries from the Posted Quality Order.
Bug Fix Lot and Serial Status in Lot/Serial No Information List would not update where Overall Result on Posted Quality Order was 'Warning'. 
Bug Fix Description and UoM would not always populate on Quality Test where multiple checks are in place.
Bug Fix Qty Tested would be removed when Quality Order posted as Concession. 
Bug Fix Resolved Automated Quality Orders from In Process Production Orders to create 1 new Quality Order per Output.
Bug Fix Resolved Quality Order producing incorrect no of Test Results where Test is for Lot No and Serial No.

Version 1.0.0 – Release Date 07/11/23

Change Type Description
Enhancement Initial Product Release