When a document has been credit held it sits in the Credit Held List. Held documents can be reviewed, credit released or manually put on hold again if needed from the list page.

A Credit Control To-Do operates as a reminder of calls that need to be followed up on. These are created when Promised Payment Dates are entered on the Customer Ledger Entries as part of the interaction

Clever Credit is not just about chasing payments it also about managing orders to minimize chasing those payments later on. When an order is placed the system will do various checks based on your Clever Credit Setup options.

These are users that have the permission to release documents from the Credit Held List. They also manage the chasing of debt from customers.

Aging bands allow Credit Controllers to see how long overdue a customer’s payment is. This helps manage and priorities the actions that need to be carried out. The older the overdue balance, the entries may appear in bolder or different colors on the Clever Credit list