Clever EDI

Replacing complexity with simplicity, Clever EDI provides a managed service from a single source.

Clever EDI provides a totally integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users that need to exchange documents electrically with their customer, vendor or third-party logistics partners.

With no need for manual intervention (unless specifically required) all your EDI messages are received and sent, processed instantly with total accuracy to reduce your administration costs to a minimum.

Clever EDI translates those messages into standard XML formats, before passing them straight through into your Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

There you can configure it to either hold them for review or instantly create documents such as sales orders, debit notices, remittance advice's, purchase invoices etc.

Clever EDI gives you:

  • Speed- EDI messages are created as documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central within minutes of it being sent. No mad rush to input before your cut-off times ever again

  • Accuracy - No chance of any more data entry errors, incorrect deliveries or time wasted reconciling transactions

  • Reliability- a proven service that’s processed millions of transactions between hundreds of UK and International trading partners

  • Simplicity - No more dealing with lots of different partners each with their own cost, Clever Dynamics gives you a single company to talk to for a competitive single fixed monthly subscription

In the unlikely event of your Dynamics 365 Business Central system being unavailable, our web-based EDI Portal lets you log in and see all of the pending and successful transactions. You can also configure emails, that report on orders, invoices and any other frequently used documents to alert you to what has and has not been received and sent.

Clever EDI transforms EDI so it’s a true business advantage rather than a costly time-consuming hassle. Update your trading world to the true 21st century, with us today.