Clever Payment Gateway

Need to take over the phone card payments? Want an easy way for customers to immediately settle amounts?

Clever Payment Gateway does just that, giving you a gateway to handle customer payments. It allows to take payments over the phone, perfect for call centres and finance departments looking to settle accounts immediately and credit chase. It’s a simple and quick way for you to get money in your bank!

You can even setup reoccurring payments should they be required, and configure delayed payments for future dates. For out of stock items you can also set back-order payments for transactions to be fulfilled at a later time.

  • Works seamlessly with OPayo and Stripe
  • Save customer payment details using token codes rather than the card details making this completely PCR compliant
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Additionally supports reoccurring payments, delayed payments and back-order payments
  • Easily reconcile between what you expect and what you get (helpful for the dreaded audit trail!) using corresponding cash receipts