Please note that to send an ASN with Containers these two options on the Shipping FastTab of the Customer Card need to be enabled:

Container Confirmation Required

SSCC Required

Enabling these options ensures sales orders can’t be posted without first updating the container tracking.

  1. An Order file passes through Tecman EDI and is passed to the Customer’s Business Central Web Service.
  2. The Order appears on the Pending Inbound Documents Page.  Once it is accepted, it then becomes a Sales Order.  Note the inbound document can still be viewed on the Accepted Inbound Document page.
  3. When trying to Ship and Invoice the sales order, an error may be displayed stating that Container Tracking is not in place.  If this appears then follow steps 4-6.  If the posting works without giving an error then skip to step 7.
  4. Select Related > Warehouse Container Tracking
  5. On the Container Tracking Entries Page, follow the instructions here to populate the Container detail Warehouse Shipments - Containers
  6. Once completed, try and Ship and Invoice again.
  1. Once the sales order has been successfully posted there are two outcomes:
  • If Auto Send is enabled on the Document Agreement, then this will create an Outbound Document and attempt to send the ASN from Business Central to a destination web service.
  • If Auto Send is disabled, then the user needs to go to the Posted Sales Shipment Page and click Process > Send EDI Document.  It should then appear in the Outbound Document list, and a copy of that information will send from Business Central to a destination web service.

Additional information relating to the use of SSCC Numbers and Containers can be found by using the below links:

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