The final function tile is Manufacturing. On the devices you can do basic production processes which include posting consumption and output of a production order.

Production Consumption

The Prodn. Cons tile, allows you to post item ledger entries against any of components of your Released Production Order.

When you click on the tile you will be prompted to enter the Prod Order No. (Released Production Order No).

You will then be prompted to enter the Component number they want to consume, followed by the Quantity Once completed, the Post button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

NB: This will update the Actual Consump.Qty of the component on the production journal, as well as posting Item ledger entries against the line and the released production order.

The device will then go back to the quantity prompt remaining on the same component. To change to a different component, click on the component field on the device where it will ask if you want to Adjust the Component.

If you say Yes you will be prompted for a new Component. If you say No, you will remain on the current page where the prompt is for the quantity.

Production Output

The other side to doing a production order is through Prodn. Output, outputting the finished item. You output based on your routing lines, this means that when you click on the Prodn. Output function you will be asked to first choose your Operation Line.

Selecting your operation will then prompt you to input the Output Quantity based on the production details on the device. The posting that you make will create capacity ledger entries for that operation line.

Once you have entered the quantity the Post button will appear at the bottom of the device. This will complete the process once selected. At this point you don’t have to post the full amount, you could do a partial posting. Regardless of whether it is a full posting or partial posting it will remain on that operation prompting you for the output quantity.

To change the operation, click on the Operation No. on the device and then click on Yes when asked if you would like to adjust the operation. If you click No, then it will remain on the current operation.

The final operation that you post again works slightly different to the other operation lines, when you select it the first prompt will be regarding the Bin Code. The code you put in here is were your finished goods will be posted to.

Once the bin code has been entered you will complete the production output as instructed on the other operation lines.

Along the bottom of the device there is an Options button, when selected you will be presented with two options relating to what you are posing against the operation line.

If you plan on posting a true Output Quantity then the Status should be Good. If you are planning on posting a Scrap Quantity against that operation line, then choose the option Scrap, this will change the status to Scarp on the device, so you can see on the screen what you will be posting against the operation line.

NB: By default, the device will show the operation line as Good, it will be up to you to change it according to what you will be posting.


Note – The below will only apply to Assembly Items which are ‘Assemble-to-Stock’ items. For ‘Assemble-to-Order’ items, the normal Pick and Shipment Functions should be used as per standard Business Central functionality.

The Assembly option is not assigned to a ‘Device Menu’ by default, but it can be added where required. Please refer to Device Menu & Themes - Clever Dynamics for more information on how to do this.

Once the option has been added to a ‘Device Menu’, it will then be accessible from your Handheld Device.

When processing Assembly Orders via the Handheld Device, they will firstly need to be created within Business Central and ‘Released’ to the Warehouse.

Click on the ‘Assembly’ option on your Handheld Device. You will be presented with the below Page.

Here you can either choose to select a specific Assembly Order to process on the Handheld Device or just go straight to the first outstanding one.

When you have selected an Assembly Order, you will be presented with the below Page.

The first box will display details relating to the Assembly Item itself i.e., the item you will be assembling.

The second and third boxes will display details relating to the first Assembly Component Item defined on the ‘Assembly Order.

You should enter/scan the Assembly Component Item into the ‘Component’ field. Once populated, the ‘Post’ button will then be displayed.

Click on the ‘Post’ button to post the consumption of the Assembly Component Item.

You should then repeat the process for all other Component Lines on the Assembly Order.

Once all the Assembly Component Lines have been posted, the below message will then be displayed.

You should click the ‘Yes’ button to post the Assembly Order and output the Assembled Item.