The final three tiles are Device and User Settings:

Printer Selections

The Printer Selections tile can be used to specify what printer should be used as the default printer when printing from that Handheld Device.  Once defined, an entry will be automatically updated or created in the Clever WMS Device Printers Table as described in this section Clever WMS Device Printers

When you click on this tile, you will be presented with the following Page.  If the Device, Logged in User and Selected Location already has an entry defined in the Clever WMS Device Printers Table, then it will be displayed in the Current Printer Field otherwise this will be blank.

In the Printer Name Field, the user can then either then scan the printer name from a Barcode or they can manually enter in the printer name if required.  If you are using the Clever PrintNode App then you will also be prompted to scan or enter in a Printer Tray if required or the field can be left blank.

Once defined, this will then automatically create or update an entry in the Clever WMS Device Printers Table.

NOTE - If there are any existing entries in the Clever WMS Device Printers Table which has a specific Report ID defined then it will override this default printer selection.


As this Function has been added to the 7.6.0 version of Clever WMS Device Printers, any existing users of the App may have to manually create the Device Function and add it to the Device Menu.  The details for this are shown below:

Switch Location

If you click the Switch Location tile you can change to work in a different location. The locations presented to you are all the locations you have setup in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

On changing your location, you will notice how your location on the device changes to reflect the selection you have made. Once you have changed your location all functions and activities will be for that location, so you won’t see a pick from another location on your device unless you’re in that location.

Switch User

If this tile is selected it will take the user back to the login screen where they can login as a different user on the device.