The Fields available on this FastTab will be utilised used when processing Receipts on a Device.

Delivery Reference

Enabling this Field will prompt the User when processing a Receipt on a Device to enter in a Delivery Reference.  Within Business Central, this detail will then be recorded in the Vendor Shipment No Field on the Posted Receipt Document.

Record QC Data

This Field is not currently being used.

Receipt Label Report ID

When you receive in Items on a Device, a Put-away Label can be automatically printed out after the Transaction has been Posted.  The Label would normally contain a Barcode as assist Users with processing the Put-Away.

In this Field, you can define the Object ID for the Report layout you want to use.  There are some default Reports that are included as standard within Clever WMS Devices App.  These are:

  • 9059349 (Whse. Receipt Label)

The labels use IDAutomation Fonts in order to generate the Barcode.  Please refer to this link for more information Use One Dimensional Barcodes Reports in Business Central Online