When using the Pick or Put-away Functions on a Device, there maybe instances where the Warehouse Users cannot fulfill the whole quantity.  In this scenario, there is an option to change the status by clicking into the Status field.



Users are then presented with three status options which are Full, Part and None.


Once a Status has been selected the User must enter in a Reason Code to explain the reason why the full amount could not be fulfilled.  These must firstly be setup in Business Central on the Clever WMS Device Reasons Page.


Using the Pick document as an example, if a User is unable to fulfill the full Pick quantity due to the stock being damaged, they can select the Status of either Part or None (if they are unable to pick any stock) and then enter the appropriate Reason Code.

Once the Pick has been registered, the Device Reason Code and Device Reason Set At details are available to view on the Registered Pick Document.