When using Clever WMS Devices and processing items on a Handheld Device which are item tracked and require a Serial Number or Lot Number to be entered, if the item has a Lot or Serial Number Number Series defined against it then, when receiving the item into your inventory, you will not be required to manually enter in the Lot Number or Serial Number as it will be automatically assigned from the Number Series.


In addition to the above, some additional Fields have been added to the Item Tracking Code Card which should be considered.

Manual SN Bulk Receipt - If this option is enabled and you are receiving in multiple items with Serial Numbers, you wont have to scan each individual item/serial/container number.  The first Serial Number will be requested for manually numbered items (this is used as a starting number) and a quantity.  For example, Receiving 5 with a starting serial of MANSN001 will create MANSN001, MANSN002, MANSN003, MANSN004 and MANSN005.

If a number series is populated on the item card, then the quantity is always prompted for and the number series will be used to generate serial numbers.
Phys. Inv. Check Qty - If this option is enabled, then in Physical Inventory (Whse or Item) the user will be asked to confirm the quantity before proceeding.  If the quantity matches the overall quantity calculated for the bin or container (Depending upon whether the item is container tracked) then the journal line(s) are marked as counted with no adjustment to be made.