The "Doc. Type Attachment Card" accessed from the Attachments FastTab on the "Document Type", gives you a more detailed view of the document you are issuing from your Document Type (whether this be a Report or Attachment). 

Most of the information in this screen is available from the Attachments FastTab however here you do have some additional setup options. 

Attachment Lines

Selecting a line on the Attachments FastTab where the Attachment Type is 'Attachment' will open up the card page that has a limited amount of fields that can be edited, most of which are already accessible from the Document Type page itself. 

However, the Applies To field has a dropdown of 'Both', 'Email' or 'Print' and confirms the action that will be taken when the document type with this attachment is processed. For example, selecting 'Both' would indicate that the attachment file should be both emailed and printed depending on which action I take as a User. So here you could manipulate this and potentially change this to show as 'Email' so that the attachment file only gets sent by email and never gets printed. 

Should you wish for the Customer or Vendor to add a password to open this attachment file, you can click on the Password Field dropdown and choose the 'Password' Code.

Report Attachments

If you highlight a line on the Attachments FastTab that is a 'Report', you have the same options as mentioned above, however here you can also link a Custom Layout Code for your report. This can be useful if you have a tailored version of the Report ID that you want to use instead of the standard report.  

The Optional toggle by default will be 'off'. This action is used in circumstances where you are attaching a report to another report based on a set of requirements. For example, when sending a reminder to a customer you may also want to send the posted invoices related to that reminder. In most circumstances this will work as the payment is being applied to an invoice. On occasions where it isn’t, and you are simply reminding the customer to pay an amount, the document send will fail as no attachment could be created (there is nothing to create).

Using the same scenario above but changing the toggle to show as 'on', no errors will occur. This means if there is something to attach to an invoice to send out with the reminder then it will do. If there is no invoice that can be generated, then it will be just the reminder that goes out to the customer.

NB: You only flag the report that you want to be optionally sent. In the case above it will be set against the invoice report. The reminder you still want to send out, but attaching the invoice report is optional based on whether it can be created or not.

If the report layout doesn't build for the Primary Table of the Document Type, you can set Linked Table in the Report Filter Source field and select the appropriate value in the Report Filter Source No. field (this value should be already exist in the Linked Tables page).

Finally, you also have the ability to confirm the Attachment Format which dictates the format of the document once sent.