When you install Clever WMS Devices from AppSource, three other dependant Applications will also be automatically installed at the same time. These are:

  1. Clever Config - If you use any of the Clever Dynamics Apps, you may already have Clever Config installed.  It purpose is to control inter-app communications and licensing for the whole suite of Clever Apps.

  2. Clever WMS Containers.  Please refer to Clever WMS Containers - About Page for more information about this Application.

  3. Clever Devices Framework - This Application provides the base general purpose Framework which will be utilised by Clever WMS Devices. It handles communication between Business Central and the Devices themselves and contains the basic structures required for Users, Devices and Menus etc.  The Clever WMS Devices Application itself only deals with Warehouse Management Functions specifically and does so by utilising the Framework functionality.


Note - You should not uninstall any of the Dependency Applications if you want to use Clever WMS Devices.  They all need to be installed in order to utilise the functionality.