As standard in Business Central, you can use ‘Over Receipt Codes’ to receive in a quantity of goods which is higher than the ordered quantity on purchase orders based on a user-definable over receive policy. This functionality has also been implemented when processing transactions using a Handheld device.

Note – As over-receipting is part of standard Business Central functionality, we wont be covering it within the Clever WMS Devices documentation.


In addition, as part of the functionality contained within the Clever WMS Devices App, we have extended this functionality further by also adding under receive policies i.e., for situations where you have received a quantity of goods which is less than the ordered quantity on a purchase order.

A new field has been added to the ‘Over Receipt Code’ Page called ‘Under Receipt Tolerance %’. In this field you should enter in the tolerance % that you want to allow for under receipt quantities.

When processing a purchase order line on your Handheld device for an item which has an ‘Over Receipt Code’ defined against it, if the ‘Qty. to Receive’ in relation to the ‘Qty. Outstanding’ values fall within the ‘Under Receipt Tolerance %’ defined, then at the point the receipt is posted, the ‘Quantity’ field on related purchase line will be automatically changed to match the ‘Qty. to Receive’ value.


Before Receipt is Posted


After Receipt is Posted