The Shipment Function should be used in order to process Warehouse Shipments documents on a Device.  The same transactions will be created in Business Central when processing on a Device that would also be created if Users processed the Warehouse Shipment in Business Central.  For example, Posted Warehouse Shipments and Posted Sales Shipments etc.  In addition, the same information will also be updated on any related documents i.e. the Qty. Shipped Field on the Sales Order line etc.

After the Shipment Tile has been selected, the Device will prompt the User to enter in the Warehouse Shipment No. that you want to process. 


Once this information has been entered, the other information that the Device prompts for is dependant on what has Data Items you have Enabled against the Shipment Function.


Once all the information has been populated, you should then select the Post button in order to Post the Shipment.