Clever Credit

The Clever Credit page is designed to make it easier for Credit Controllers to follow up on overdue payments by making the relevant information readily available in one place.

The list displays a summary of the credit position of each customer, showing information such as Payment Terms, Balance (LCY), No of Credit Held Documents, Overdue Balance and the Aging of Amounts owed. The FactBox on the right also shows statistics, contact details and interactions.

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The actions in the ribbon give you quick access to information that helps decision making. The Customer Card and Customer Ledger Entries can be accessed, the amounts can be refreshed to show up-to date data. The Make Phone Call option is used to create Credit Control Interactions which form a to-do list for the Credit Controller.

Click on Options in the ribbon to filter the Clever Credit List by credit Controller.

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Use the assist edit button on the Credit Controller field to select a single credit controller and view their Customer Accounts on the Clever Credit screen. You can also use a pipe character to filter the Clever Credit screen for more than one Credit Controller.

The Clever Credit page not only shows how much each customer owes, but which customer owes the most and how long the amount has been outstanding. The aging of debts is shown in accordance with your Aging Band setup and is a useful tool for highlighting customers with a poor history of paying debts and potential identifying future cash flow issues.

On the actions tab there are two fields related to how the amounts and values on the clever credit screen are updated.

Recalculate Entries: This function will go through any customers that have had postings to their ledger and update these so that the screen shows the amounts within the correct aging periods if these have changed.

Recalculate All: This will go through all the customer ledger regardless of whether values have changed since the screen was last recalculated, it can be an intensive task to run when large amounts of data have accumulated over time so should be a task that is run out of hours.

The recalculation function can be set up on a job queue to run out of hours so that the clever credit screen shows accurate information for credit controllers.