A date formula is a short, abbreviated combination of letters and numbers that specifies how to calculate dates. You can enter date formulas in various date calculation fields or filters.

Note: In all data formula fields, one day is automatically included to cover today as the day when the period starts. Accordingly, for example, if you enter 1W, then the period is actually eight days because today is included. To specify a period of seven days (one true week) including the period starting date, then you must enter 6D or 1W-1D.

The date formula can contain a maximum of 20 characters, both numbers and letters. You can use the following letters, which are abbreviations for calendar units:

Letter Meaning
C Current
D Day(s)
W Week(s)
M Month(s)
Q Quarter(s)
Y Year(s)

You can construct a date formula in three ways.

The following example shows how to use C, for current, and a time unit:

Expression Meaning
CW Current week
CM Current month

The following example shows how to use a number and a time unit. A number cannot be larger than 9999.

Expression Meaning
10D 10 days from today
2W 2 weeks from today

The following example shows how to use a time unit and a number.

Expression Meaning
D10 The next 10th day of a month
WD4 The next 4th day of a week (Thursday)

The following example shows how you can combine these three forms as needed.

Expression Meaning
CM+10D Current month + 10 days

The following example shows how you can use a minus sign to indicate a date in the past.

Expression Meaning
-1Y 1 year ago from today

Important: If the location uses a base calendar, then the date formula that you enter in, for example, the Shipping Time field is interpreted according to the calendar working days. For example, 1W means seven working days.