Change Log

Redeveloped for Cloud Hosted Architecture for v2


  • Consignments

  • Shipping Agent Integration

  • Licencing

  • Submit Consignments through Clever Integration


  • Do not allow sales line on more than one Consignment

  • Navigate Consignments from Posted Sales Shipment

  • Make Consignment Lines non Editable

  • Only include Item Lines on Consignment

  • Default Packaging Type for Shipping Agent Service

  • Consigning Posted Warehouse Shipments

  • Consignment Deletion

  • Validation of Shipping Agent Service on Consignment

  • Default Shipping Agent Service

  • Printer Selections for Shipping Agent Labels

  • Submit Consignment from Whse Shipment Posting

  • Update Package Tracking No. on Posted Sales Shipment

2.2.0 (first Appsource Entry)

  • Duty Payer from the Shipping Agent

  • Consignment Card Changes

  • FedEx International

  • Bug: Cannot create consignments with non-inventory items

  • Bug: OnDelete Consignments


  • Session Information for API Calls

  • DPD Integration

  • Bug: Harmonized Code/Country of Origin Blank

  • Bug: Consignment Card Opened to Wrong Record

  • Bug: Posting Whse Shpt – Multiple Destination No.


  • Default Content Description for Export Orders

  • Specific Parameters against Shipping Agents

  • Use Document Delivery to send email with Tracking URL

  • Exact XML submission in Message Reply

  • Event Publisher to allow Ship-to Name on Consignment

  • Bug: Export flag set where Location.Country Region is different to Consignment.CountryRegion

  • Bug: Duty not Paid field on Shipment Methods

  • Bug: Prevent selecting domestic service on export order


Bug Fix: Commodity already exists