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Version 1.2.6

Bug Fixes

  • Permission Error Deleting Document. Need to grant permission to the codeunit that deletes it? Permission is indirect on BC SaaS license.

  • Linked Document not Transferred for Transfer Orders. Subscribe to event after posted transfer doc is created and carry the linked docs across.

  • Tests Failing in Country/NA

Version 1.2.5


  • Better Error messages when SharePoint connection fails - Currently the user just receives a "Bad request" message if Doc Links is unable to authenticate with the SharePoint server. We should show a better error message e.g. "Could not contact SharePoint. Please check Document Links Setup and test the connection".

  • Add DL FactBox to Vend. Ledger Entries Page - Add support for dragging and dropping onto the vendor ledger entries page.

Bug Fixes

  • Typo in File Exists Message. "File named Sales Invoice 103012.pdf already exist, do you want to replace the file?" Replace with "A file named Sales Invoice 103012.pdf already exists, do you want to replace the file?"

  • Linked Doc Not Passed from Purch. Credit Memo to Posted Purch. Credit Memo. Ensure that documents are passed from unposted to posted credit memos.