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1.2.14 – Release Date 19/10/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Convert Permissionset XML to Object

Version 1.2.13 – Release Details

Change Type Description
Enhancement Include ApplicationInsightsKey
Bug Fix Reduce Permission RoleID to 20 Characters



  • Support document links on payment journal – dropbox added

Bug Fixes

  • Be able to upload files with special characters in file name

  • "Document Links Mgt. CDLTMN".CopyDocumentLinks function does not correctly copy links for a record set record



  • Confirmation dialog when deleting multiple documents from the Clever Document Links factbox


Bug Fixes

  • Rework license credit error when uploading a document. It was previously possible that a file would be uploaded to SharePoint but then an error shown because there are no remaining credits on the license. This error would leave the document in SharePoint but without a link to Business Central.



  • Support for license credits. Clever Documents Links licenses entitle customers to a given number of credits per calendar month. A credit is consumed when a document is uploaded to the Document Links factbox.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing ApplicationArea properties added

  • Missing Service Password permission added to upgrade codeunit



  • Replace service password with isolated storage. Store the SharePoint password in isolated storage rather than in the service password table.

  • Enforce licensing. Don't allow new documents to be uploaded if the license has expired. The user should still be able to view and download existing documents even without a license.

Bug Fixes

  • Permissions on Posted Purchase Credit Memo. Add file to FactBox on Posted Purchase Credit Memo page. Error on no Permission to modify record



  • Permission sets to control access to documents. Create two permission sets for this addition. One that give users full permissions to the Doc Links tables and another that only allow them to insert and modify, but not Delete.

    • Test that the permission sets give the desired behaviour. In particular test that users with the more limited permission set can still upload, link and download documents. The only thing they should not be able to is delete.

    • These permission sets should be included in the Resources for the extension (ask NM or JJ to help when you're ready).

Bug Fixes

  • Tests failing in country NL.


Bug Fixes

  • Permission Error Deleting Document. Need to grant permission to the codeunit that deletes it? Permission is indirect on BC SaaS license.

  • Linked Document not Transferred for Transfer Orders. Subscribe to event after posted transfer doc is created and carry the linked docs across.

  • Tests Failing in Country/NA



  • Better Error messages when SharePoint connection fails - Currently the user just receives a "Bad request" message if Doc Links is unable to authenticate with the SharePoint server. We should show a better error message e.g. "Could not contact SharePoint. Please check Document Links Setup and test the connection".

  • Add DL FactBox to Vend. Ledger Entries Page - Add support for dragging and dropping onto the vendor ledger entries page.

Bug Fixes

  • Typo in File Exists Message. "File named Sales Invoice 103012.pdf already exist, do you want to replace the file?" Replace with "A file named Sales Invoice 103012.pdf already exists, do you want to replace the file?"

  • Linked Doc Not Passed from Purch. Credit Memo to Posted Purch. Credit Memo. Ensure that documents are passed from unposted to posted credit memos.