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7.4.1 – Release Date 18/10/21

Change Type Description
Enhancement Convert PermissionSet XML to Object
Enhancement Address BC19 Compiler Warnings
Enhancement Support for Item Reference Feature implemented in Base Product
Bug Fix to resolved error when Processing Warehouse Movements on Handheld Devices
Bug Fix for Lot Number Expiration Date being Removed on Putaway Documents when Processed on Handheld Device
Bug Handheld Receipt – Cannot Extend OnAfterValidateReceipt with SetTransResponseCode
Bug BC19 Issue – Error when Processing Putaways on Handheld Device
Bug BC19 Issue – Error when Processing Picks on Handheld Device
Bug BC19 Issue – Error when Processing Directed Movements on Handheld Device

7.4 – Release Details

Change Type Description
Enhancement Use Standard BC Filters on Enquiries
Enhancement Under and Over Receipting
Enhancement Implemented Container Picks
Enhancement Assign Handheld User Groups on Warehouse Documents
Enhancement Add ‘OnAfterBuildReceiptItemTracking’ Event
Enhancement Warehouse Pick Improvements
Enhancement ‘OnAfterValidateActivityLine’ Event
Enhancement New Container Consolidation Function
Bug Fix Take Photo Option on Receipts Function does not correctly return to Post menu afterwards
Bug Fix Comment Acknowledgement feature stops Put-Away with inventory quantity not entered error
Bug Fix When photos are taken on a Handheld Receipt, they do not end up being accessible in Business Central
Bug Fix Under receipting forces change of original order quantity to zero if no under receipt is set
Bug Fix Container number not set on Warehouse Movement
Bug Fix Container Putaway restricted to single warehouse document
Bug Fix Excess Putaway lines are not deleted on posting receipts
Bug Fix Shipment Weight on Posted Warehouse Shipments
Bug Fix Duplicate Putaway Lookup Entries
Bug Fix Putaway UOM lookup is not showing
Bug Fix Issue with Physical Inventory Journals and Serial Numbers
Bug Fix Option to enter Receipt Bin gives an error
Bug Fix Putaway prompts for line selection twice
Bug Fix Putaway take Bin Code is not respected when filtering for activities
Bug Fix Add Source Code to entries created from a Container Movement
Bug Fix Place line not being respected on Container Picks/Putaways
Bug Fix Missing TableData Return Receipt Line Permissions
Bug Fix Physical Inventory: Item Tracking against non Directed Pick and Put Away Locations
Bug Fix Allow Movements from a Container Tracked Bin to a non Container Tracked Bin



  • Handling Breakbulk UoM - field to drive the counting UoM for breakbulk putaways where take UoM is different to place.

Bug Fixes

  • Putaway lot no unlocked after UoM

  • Missing on after validate event for expick and putaway


Bug Fixes

  • Phys. Inv. nothing to handle error on lot no.

  • Putaway lot no. unlocked after UoM

  • Phys. Inv. Barcode scan values not retained

  • Scanned expiration date is unlocked when Phys. Inv. Qty is entered


  • Handle items with different Purchase and Putaway UoM. Currently the user is prompted to select a either the take or the place uom to count the activity, have a setup field to drive this.


Bug Fixes

  • Permission error inserting warehouse item tracking line

  • Support 50 cha serial and lot No. (BC has updated the serial and lot No field length to be 50 char)

7.3.4 (Handheld Framework v7.4)


  • Allow Blank Input on Handheld User card to optionally disallow entry of blank values for data items

  • Configuration of Device Function GS1 Identifiers - new table and page to configure the association of a data item with one or more GS1 identifiers

  • Update default configuration to include the default set of Device Function GS1 Identifiers

  • Adopt changes for "blind stock take" functionality

  • Date formatting options on Handheld Setup page

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Entry No. increment on contextual data items (was leading to error when custom data items are introduced in code)

  • Fix error passing Hot Key 4 configuration to the device



  • Speech recognition and text to speech support added (both Azure and Google)

  • The user interface has been altered to use scalable images

  • Results in a transaction / enquiry are ordered by the Handheld Framework. Individual rows can be truncated to fit on to one line to save space. Individual results can also be highlighted for extra emphasis.

  • Layout of the login screen has been improved for landscape devices

  • Code 39 barcodes are always scanned in 'standard' mode - this removes an inconsistency between how the Honeywell and Zebra devices scanned them compared to the camera scanner

Bug Fixes

  • The company name is obtained from the Handheld Framework, not from the web service URL as before.

  • Put-Away Not Created When Scanning Receipt No-Receipt Line No.

  • Blank Item No. Allowed When Processing Pick - On validating the item no. do not allow a blank item no.

  • Put-Away Unit of Measure

  • Zone and Bin Code Deleted From Partial Pick Lines

  • Phys. Inventory Not Working as expected – specifically around lot tracking.

  • CallBack Error - Disrupting Reservation Entries - Posting a movement for an item that is reserved to a specific document causes a confirmation dialog to be shown in the client warning that reservation entries may be disrupted. In the HH client this causes a call back error (which is shown when the web service call attempts to show some UI element).


  • Smoother setup experience notes

    • Copy the SOAP URL for the Handheld Framework web service to the Handheld Whse. Setup table (using the Web Service Aggregate table?)

    • Allow the user to lookup the username to authenticate with from the list of users. If a slash is found in the username split it into domain and username appropriately.

    • I don't think it is possible to copy the web service access key for that user. If not, pop a message/notification prompting the user to copy/create a web service access key for the selected user and open the user card for the selected user so they can do so.

  • Replace Service Password with Isolated Storage. Service Password is being removed in a future version.

  • Bin Mandatory

    • When prompting the user to select from the list of locations, only show the locations that have Bin Mandatory set.

    • Do not allow the user to switch to another location that does not have Bin Mandatory set.

    • Do not allow the default location on the Handheld User record to be set to a location that does not have Bin Mandatory set.

Bug Fixes

  • Move/Pick Line by Selection error - Move/ pick line by selection when enabled, can't do a pick as it errors on entering item no. this also happens when trying to do a directed movement.

  • No. of Packages not Transferred to Posted Whse. Shpt - Whse Shipment posting does not use transfer fields, so No. of Packages is not carried from unposted to posted.

  • Surplus Put-Away Lines Created - DeleteExcessPutAwayActivities() is supposed to detect and remove the additional put-away lines that have been created, but in this case the Put-away Qty. (Base) is not greater than the Qty. (Base) because the first put-away has already been registered. This calculation needs to take any registered put-away lines for this receipt line into account when deciding whether to delete the unregistered lines.


  • Device Data - Establish whether the device has a camera from the "device data" that has been passed. Only create the subfunction for taking a photo during the receipt is the device has a camera.

  • Define Tooltips for Handheld Setup Page, then add the tooltips that have been defined to the Handheld Setup page controls.

Bug Fixes

  • Permission Error Deleting Purchase Receipt Line - Add missing permission to purchase receipt table.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing Permission to ServicePassword Table - Add missing permission to table on Handheld Whse. Setup table (Code)/ Release)


  • Split into Clever Handheld Framework and Clever Handheld for Warehousing extensions.

  • Rebrand to 'Clever Dynamics'.

  • Rewrite developer’s documentation.

  • Manually Configure a SaaS endpoint

  • Auto populate the settings with a token.

  • Automatic setup supports both SaaS and OnPrem endpoints (Code)


  • Conversion of 6.02 to V2 Extension. Updated to version

  • Dependency upon Clever Config - base RapidStart config now downloaded.

  • Assembly Orders support.

MA6.02.03 (Code)/ MA6.2.0.1 (Client)

NB: Last version at this stage compatible with Foodware


  • Device: https support on Windows CE client.

  • OnBeforeProcessZoneForFilterActZoneLookup event added for developer use.

  • Optional print of shipment notes. New Boolean setting in Mobile/Handheld Setup.

  • New function: Add Bins. Adds Bin Content records for items.

  • New function: Item Substitution. Adds item substitutes.

  • Item Cross-Ref: Description now defaults to item description. The user can optionally cancel the default and enter a fresh description.

MA6.02.02 (Code) / MA6.2.0.0 (Client)


  • Keyboard mappings for dialogs/selects (Can now use enter/escape in dialogs etc.).

  • NEW: Item Cross Reference function

  • Minor performance improvements to device scrolling

  • Rework test suite for new lookup style.

  • Better support for pre-allocated batches in receipting and recovery from posting errors.

  • Put-away:

    • Put-away now supports the scan of a put-away barcode when prompting for Item No. This allows more exact matching of put-aways.

    • Receipt label now prints put-away barcode.

  • Picking:

    • Can now specify selection of pick lines by lookup (System-wide in Mobile Setup, or by Zone in Mobile Whse. Zone).

    • New Express Pick function: No zone restrictions, prompts for specific pick or selection from list of pre-assigned picks.

  • Movement Activities/Replenishment

    • Supports scanning of special bins to denote a cart/truck etc.

    • Scanning a 'Cart' bin as a place bin will trigger the creation of additional take/place lines for movement into and out of the cart.

    • User scans Cart bin code once, does not need to re-enter. Movements switch to putting INTO the cart.

    • When user scans Cart bin as take bin, movements switch to taking OUT of the cart.

  • Fodware:

    • Support for BBD and FEFO checking on both purchases and sales.
  • Developer Tools:

    • RemoveColumnStyleGroup function

    • RemoveColumnStyle function

    • AddLookupColumnStyle function - Set columns for lookups.

    • BuildLookup function - Build lookup from recordref and specified columns.

    • AddLookupRow function - Add single row to lookup.

    • AddLookupRowColumn function - Add single column within row to lookup.

    • DeleteLookup function - Delete lookup.

    • BuildResponseLookup function deprecated. Now calls AddLookupColumnStyle/BuildLookup.

    • BuildResponseLookupRow function deprecated. Now calls AddLookupColumnStyle/BuildLookupRow.

    • DeleteResponseLookup function deprecated. Now calls DeleteLookup.

Bug Fixes

  • Rework DataGrids - Enquiries now use new list controls.

  • Replace selection/lookup browse (DataGrid) with new list controls - multiple configurable columns now allowed.

  • New developer functions to support new list control lookup (AddLookupColumnStyle, BuildLookup, AddLookupRow, AddLookupRowColumn, DeleteLookup)

  • Enquiries now sorted in the design screen in NAV - we can no longer support column sorting.

  • Post Purchase Receipt Issues.

  • Remove "OnAfterGetApplicationVersion" subscriber (Codeunit 9059249 "Mobile Management").

  • Unable to Post Warehouse Receipt Because of Container No. – Foodware Bug

  • Captions Not Changing for Enquiries

  • Cannot recieve on HH with location receive

Client Changes

- Non-beta release of last APK

- Fixed bug in going back from options menu

- Fixed null reference exception in going up a screen

- Fixed colour parsing bug

- Refactored barcode scanning and gs1 parser.

- Exceptions are sent to App Center.

- GS1 data is returned correctly from the camera barcode reader.

- Fixed bug in displaying OS version.

- Accidental double taps on menu buttons are detected.

- Fixed bug when logging in offline.

- Fixed some device theme null reference exceptions.

- More errors are reported.

- Made check boxes more responsive.

MA6.01.04 (Code) / MA6.1.0.13 (Client)


  • General Client Changes:

    • Masked text entry - Developers can now set a type that masks input of certain data e.g. Passwords.

    • Ability to fire validation of a singular dataitem from inside triggers (Re-validate a DataItem).

  • Movements:

    • Set default reason code from journal batch.
  • Foodware:

    • Weight prompting during movements (Now configurable).
  • Power BI:

    • Record Device, User, Function and DateTime to Warehouse Entry, Capacity Ledger Entry
  • Receipting

    • New "OnBeforePrintReceipt" event.

Bug Fixes

  • Physical Inventory:

    • Complete rework of handling +ve/-ve adjustments on item tracking - item journal lines are now split into +ve and -ve adjustments at need.

    • Prompt for Expiration/Warranty Date for new lot/serials only if cannot find in existing item tracking.

    • "End Item" should end Variant, not all item variants.

    • Unlock relevant Data Items on post action of Phy. Inv. when item is lot tracked but not Whse. Lot Tracked

    • Remove item tracking on recount.

  • General Client Changes:

    • Column width bug fix.

    • Stack overflow when all dataitems locked. Should exit to menu.

  • Movements:

    • When posting a movement, set expiration date in item tracking.
  • General Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

    • Port Number Incorrect when generating Appsettings XML
  • Activities:

    • Activity Status is not cleared when cancelling Activity Line on Picking

MA6.01.03 (Code) / MA6.1.0.9 (Client)


  • Foodware:

    • Vendor Lot No. requested during receipting.

    • Capture of Expiration Dates.

    • Over / under receipting support.

    • Support for Catch Weight / Fixed Weight.

    • Weight tolerance check during picking.

    • Over / under pick support.

    • Rework physical inventory to match Foodware physical inventory processes.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

    • Added a cue flowfield for Item Physical Inventory count (In addition to the existing Whse. Physical Inventory count).

    • Performance improvements to picking process.

    • Device Log improvements.

    • Receipt: Display default bin on device during receipting if put-away is not required.

    • Receipt: Can now only receive into current location.

Bug Fixes

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

    • Lot enquiries - issues with summarising the query resolved by replacing query with full NAV-code.

    • Resolve Item tracking issues in physical inventory against "Simple Warehousing" locations.

    • Unable to process more than one bin at a time in "Requested Physical Inventory".

    • Fixes to transfer order receipt.

    • Reduce deadlock/lock issues during receipting.

    • Reduce deadlock/lock issues during processing of activities (Picking).

    • Zone code error if processing an activity from an alternate bin in another zone.

    • Change Bin Code caption in bin block function.

  • Device Client:

    • Resolve crash to menu and scanner error on canceled lookups.

    • Resolve crash when launching functions via F-key.

    • Resolve issue with auto-post.

    • Resolve crash to menu and scanner error in enquiries.

    • When cancelling twice in a row, was not clearing list of items to cancel.

MA6.01.02 (Code) / MA6.1.0.3 (Client)


  • Mobile Setup. Generate device appsettings.xml from NAV.

  • New Function: Bin Status / Blocking

  • Device Menu: Ability to copy menus.

  • Device Menu: Indent Up/Down for menu items.

  • Write Production Output to Journal, no posting.

  • Activities: Overrides for activity queries.

  • New functions to insert DataItems / Columns *between* existing elements.

  • Menu buttons - wrap text.

Bug Fixes

  • Bin then Item selection during picking broken.

  • Activity Reason Code not reset after POST

  • Pick issue when mixing duplicate items from multiple sales orders on one pick.

  • InsertResponseData function does not move lookups with DataItem

  • Device: Word-wrap fails with long strings of text with no spaces.

  • Item Tracking. During picking lots split across more than one activity line reset qty. to handle erroneously.

  • Add No. of Packages, Weight to Mobile Whse. Doc. (Addl). list page.

  • “Whse. Item Tracking Line” permission error - add indirect permission in CU 9059251

  • Warehouse activities: Sort by Sorting Sequence No.

MA6.01.01 (Code) / MA6.1.0.2 (Client


  • OnGetItem event. Allows customised barcode decoding prior to processing for Item No. or Cross-Reference.

  • Bin Stock Count during Picking. Count remaining bin stock after every pick (By location).

  • Production Output:

    • Update outstanding quantity onscreen when posted.

    • Ability to enter -ve quantity to reverse output.

    • Production Output: Scan of GS1 quantity identifier sets output quantity.

  • Support for multiple application settings files on device client.

  • Themes support (Or colour schemes).

    • Menus, submenus and device functions now support colour themes.

    • New colour theme table.

    • Lookups to full "Colour picker" dialog.

    • Automatic generation of default colour themes.

  • Upgrade codeunit in place to automate upgrades between versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Put-aways now display quantity outstanding on the PLACE line.

  • InsertResponseData function - allows insertion of Data Items between existing Data Items.

  • InsertColumnStyleGroup function - allows insertion of Column Style Groups between existing groups.

  • Inventory Picking:

  • For each location, specify if "Automatically posting Inventory Pick".

  • New "Post Inventory Pick" function to allow posting of pick following processing.

  • Device Menu: Resolve referential integrity issues with lines on rename of record.

  • Device Enquiries: Resolve referential integrity issues with lines on rename of record.

  • Resolve scrolling quirk on device client.

  • Resolve Data Item sizing issues on device client with different form factors.

  • Resolve UI issues with differing form factors.

  • Resolve exceptions generated when launching functions from function keys on device.

  • Resolve issues with Put-away creation.

MA6.01 (Code) / MA6.1.0.1 (Client)


  • Phase #1 of user interface redesign:

    • Redesign of all user controls.

    • Remove scrollbars.

    • Colour scheme changes.

    • Support for transparency.

    • Cater to a greater variety of form factors and resolutions.

    • Vehicle Mounted Terminals (VMT), Windows CE support improved.

  • Flexible device enquiries - Purely data driven from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV-side for consultant configuration. Events published to allow Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer extensions against advanced data sources. With drill-down support provided.

  • Support for Touchstar TS7000 barcode scanning (Customer Specific).

  • Support for 2D barcodes containing GS1 data on Intermec and Touchstar devices (Customer Specific).

  • Updated deployment set, particularly RapidStart package.

  • Temporarily removed "Custom Report Layouts" features that allowed a different custom label layout per vendor. Too many changes between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 meant that needs to be revisited in the next sprint

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved NullReferenceException on repeated scanning when device busy.

  • Resolve error when scanning Bin in a different Zone on warehouse activities (Put-away, pick, movement).

MA6.00.11 (Code) / MA6.0.0.11 (Client)


  • Item tracking lookup in Production Consumption.

  • Fixed Asset Check has been improved and now allows optional creation of new assets.

  • Location to Location reclass movements.

  • New "Receipt by Vendor" function (New test suite tests also implemented).

  • New "Receipt by Item" function (New test suite tests also implemented).

  • New device enquiry "Item Lot Enquiry”: View bin content by lot number for an item.

  • New device enquiry "Bin Lot Enquiry”: View bin content by lot number for a bin.

  • Return reason code on sales returns.

  • Device inactivity timeout.

  • Column customisations by device, device group, user, global allowing reordering of columns in enquiries, changes to column width and setting columns to hidden.

  • Display current user and location on device menu.

  • Implementation of basic permission set.